Insurance: property, liability, mortgage insurance

To insure the house and that the house in several ways.

In response to the neighbors

This kind of policy is called liability insurance is voluntary. If you suddenly happen in your apartment unexpected situation, which affected not only your property, but the neighbor’s apartment, the property owner will deliver a policy against financial loss. For example, when suddenly takes a washing machine or dishwasher, breaks through the heating system, the pipe in the bathroom, the kitchen or the case of fire, the homeowners have to shell out twice, and restoring the apartment, and a neighbor. If you have a policy, the insurance company will pay damages. The amount of insurance may be different on average from 700 to 3 thousand rubles a year, depending on what type of payment you wish to receive: the smaller the amount, the lower the annual payments. You can insure your liability for 100 thousand, 250 thousand, or, say, 500 thousand rubles.

From alien invasion

The owner of property may also voluntarily insure their property against theft and burglary. As in the previous case, the owner chooses the amount that would get in the way of compensation. Suppose he insures his property at 250 thousand rubles. In this case, it may make annual payments of about 2 thousand. Here much depends on the tariffs offered by the insurance company. You just have to choose the best option. Annual expenses are not very big, but you can safely go on vacation, knowing that if suddenly someone encroach on the computer or television, you buy new equipment for the money paid by the insurance company.

Walls, furniture, clothing

Owner may also voluntarily insure their property from the collapse of the house as a result of the hurricane, floods and other natural disasters. In some regions of Russia this is especially true. If the property was insured, the owner may expect to receive a new housing or compensation. It can also insure individual elements, such as load-bearing structures in the building walls. The risk of the insured event is small, so the waste will be less. If desired, you can be insured only windows or utilities, furniture or jewelry. Each type is assigned a property insurance risk. Jewelry is better to insure the inventory, and it is desirable to have receipts for them – in this case the victim is easier to get paid.

Real Estate Appraisal

Before signing the insurance contract, the agent must evaluate your property. Rates for insurance will depend on how secure an apartment or villa. Alarms and bars on the windows help reduce the payments. The agent also takes into account the material from which the house is built on what ground he stands. Let’s hut built near the peat bogs, which increases the likelihood that the house was damaged by fire. Therefore, you will pay higher rate. In other words, the higher the risk, the higher the fee. As a rule, interior decoration, interior and appliances assesses the owner. He can name any amount it sees fit.

Mortgage insurance

Quite differently, if you take a mortgage. Here insurance is compulsory, as it is one of the conditions of the loan. In this case the insured at all other risks: the risk of your death, disability, loss of or damage to property, which acts as collateral, etc. The insured amount will be equal to the amount of debt on the mortgage contract. Fees will have to pay each year for the duration of the contract. Who and how many will pay depends on the bank’s programs, and the documents that you submit.


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